Why Go for 6 Month Braces Treatment Instead of Invisalign

Cosmetic procedures had become a flourishing business ever since people became very conscious of their appearance. This beauty mindfulness paved way to the equal popularity of cosmetic dentistry. Gone are the days when people resort to dentures to correct the misaligned teeth to be able to flash an awesome smile. While it may suffice to have prophylaxis, teeth whitening and simple tooth extraction to correct the crooked form of the teeth, more people need comprehensive treatment to make their pearl whites look fantastic. The breakthrough came decades ago when braces were introduced in the market. However, braces take a long process and orthodontists were able to launch a shorter 6 month braces treatment.
To some individuals, especially the younger generation, braces became a status symbol. Some believed that wearing braces is appealing. But there are still a lot who want to have their teeth aligned without being noticed. So, the unnoticeable braces were finally invented, including the 6 month braces.

What is the 6 month braces treatment all about?

6 month braces
The 6 month braces treatment can be conceived as a type of revolutionary development in cosmetic dentistry, especially for adult patients. Obviously, from the name given to the procedure, anyone undergoing the treatment will have to wear the braces for six months or possibly a little longer than such timeframe. That is short enough in comparison to the traditional braces that take a couple of years before the results become evident.
The technique being used in this procedure is never forceful; in fact the braces will be attached to your teeth with less tightening force making it less painful. The shorter period of treatment entails lesser visits to the orthodontist thus resulting to lower cost or professional dental fees. As for the effectiveness, this procedure demonstrated amazing results.

Advantages of the six month braces

The main advantage attributed to the 6 month braces is the timeframe to get your teeth aligned. Six months against two years is a big deal for one who wants to smile beautifully. In addition, with these braces, you would not be going around wearing the annoying metal brackets. Your treatment will go unnoticed as these are clear and invisible tools. Moreover, the six months braces are safe, effective and very affordable.

Comparing the six month braces to invisalign

Some people will be in a quandary as to how it differs with the previously introduced procedure known as invisalign. Here are some points of comparison.
• The 6 month braces may not be as invisible as the invisalign but both deliver equal effect. This is because the clear braces in the 6 month braces procedure have tooth colored wires while invisalign is a plastic see-through brace that covers the whole teeth set.
• Invisalign is a more expensive procedure due to the costly raw materials used in the clear plastic braces. It takes longer procedure making the professional fee of the orthodontist higher.
• The six month braces show results in 6 months; invisalign will require wearing of the braces for 9 to 15 months.
Flashing a beautiful smile showing perfect set of teeth is no longer a dream. Crooked teeth are possibly corrected and aligned in a short period with the use of the 6 month braces procedure. This treatment is not expensive so go to the orthodontist and inquire.

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