Advantages of Orthodontist-Endorsed Six Months Smile Treatment

Are you too conscious to smile because of the flaws in your front teeth? In six months’ time, you will have the big reason to open your mouth and flash that alluring smile. You just have to wait patiently until you complete you six months smile treatment to have a properly aligned and healthy set of pearl whites. What a way to gain confidence and self-esteem for a very affordable cost!
Of course you have known about the braces many people had been crazy about in the past few years. Whether for mere status symbol or for real corrective purpose, you did not lunge into that trend. The metal braces to you are unappealing, painful and expensive albeit the long wait (which takes years) to have the teeth aligned. But there is a more revolutionary technology to make your teeth look great. The 6 months smile is a breakthrough as this repels the drawbacks of the traditional braces.
Let us then find out why orthodontists endorse the six months smile braces.

Six months smile treatment – how it goes

six months smile
First things first – Who can undergo the 6 months smile treatment? Sad to say, unlike the metal or traditional braces that kids can also wear, this teeth alignment method is only prescribed if you are 15 years old and above. Then, if your teeth are too crooked and widely spaced or you suffer under or over bite problems, this treatment is not for you.
What is the treatment technique? This teeth correction utilizes a safe and hygienic dental technology. The procedure entails the use of specialized nickel and titanium wires to correct the teeth’s flaws. Other than these wires, there are no other visible braces to be conscious about such that you can wear the clear braces wherever you go. The orthodontic technique is based on the patient’s cosmetic appearance and not on his bite position.

Best advantage is the limited timeframe

As the patient, you want to rush the completion of the treatment, discard the non-visible braces and show off your well aligned and healthy teeth. This is where the six months smile braces beat the other orthodontist treatments such as invisalign and traditional braces. It will only take you six months to bear with the braces, so very short time frame compared to the one or more years under the other methods.

Other advantages in going for the 6 month smile procedure

Being modern approach to dental problems, some people think of the six months smile braces to be expensive. On the contrary, this is even cheaper when compared to the traditional braces and to the invisalign. The raw material for the invisalign is expensive, making the braces costly. With invisalign, you will have to keep changing the braces as teeth adjustment happens and that may be as many as 18 mouth guard-like braces. Since the invisalign and traditional braces take longer period of adjustment and alignment, you will need frequent visits to the orthodontist. That will be a lot of professional fees. With the six months smile treatment, the time frame is shorter so less visits and less fees to pay.
Aside from shorter period of treatment and more economical method, the six months smile braces are more comfortable to use. The comfort is enhanced by the less pressure applied on the teeth and mouth. The visits for adjustment does not entail teeth tightening, only careful alignment. As this is safe, you can be assured that no damage will be caused on the other teeth, gums and root of teeth.
The use of six months smile braces is highly endorsed by many orthodontists and dental practitioners because of these advantages. The teeth are aligned in a short period time frame; the procedure is less expensive and is not too visible to make you conscious on how it looks in your mouth.

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